Mui x Vetlanda

Calm conversation, contribution, co-creation

Federico Peliti, Shailee Advani


To build a library of simple interaction prototypes that explore the calm and unique experiences the MUI platform enables to access digital content at home, work or retail scenarios specific to INGKA/ IKEA.


Our team explored and prototyped the use of MUI boards in IKEA offices to foster contribution and co-creation practices among its employees. The primary focus was to better support and integrate the adoption of IKEA’s internal open innovation platform- Vetlanda, in a non-obtrusive and delightful way, without the distractions of the employees’ mobile devices and screens.


We started the project by conducting interviews with IKEA employees and professionals to better understand communication and co-creation practices adopted by them at work and home. 

Key insights-

● The office environment requires a careful consideration of how, when and where the communication takes place, particularly when it comes to sensitive topics

How can IKEA leverage the MUI board to put the right questions/ initiatives in the right environment?

● Long term engagement is mainly driven by two elements: a sense of shared purpose and the agency to contribute

How can IKEA leverage the MUI board to enable employees to participate in ongoing initiatives in a quick and non-intrusive way?

Based on research, body storming and paper prototyping, our team designed the 4 steps of engagement, appealing to the emotional and functional participation/ involvement for the employees-

APPROACH: Engage not intrude

● Frequency of animation is crucial
● Define a MUI zone

PROVIDE OPINION: Quick actions to contribute to a larger goal

● Less browsing, more action

BRIDGE THE GAP: Enable further engagement through different channels

● Effortless re-direction

MAINTAIN ENGAGEMENT: Foster engagement through moments of delight

● Encourage engagement in the real world

Outcome & Future Developments

● Create mental model of MUI boards as a physical touch point of Vetlanda in IKEA offices

● Explore what it means to put the right question in front of the right people
○ Raise awareness connected to specific spaces and teams
○ Look for divergent ideas by putting information in seemingly unrelated places