Everyday poetry

Utilising location data to enhance the experience of capturing memories



The pandemic changed life as we knew it in many ways for all of us. Working remotely, I found myself being uninspired and operating more in isolation. What I required was a quick adrenaline fix (🤜🏼 design sprint style 🤛🏼) to pump me up with motivation and do a fun project not focusing on the outcome but rather on the design journey itself.


Everyday Poetry is an interactive app that enables people to record and store their memories by co-creating a haiku* based on a photograph captured by them.

*A Haiku is a Japanese poem that consists of three lines that do not rhyme. Traditionally it is used to evoke images and is regarded as the way of looking at things in a much deeper sense.


To begin with, I gave myself a design brief to kick start my project with.

How might we enable people to use their location data to better fulfil their life needs?

All of life’s needs are now taken care of from a mobile device.
Based on user research conducted over 18 online surveys and 2 interviews, the following were found to be the most commonly performed activities on the phone (refer image).

Tasks achieved through mobile devices

Key insights-
● The phone fosters connection between people
● It helps create and maintain a bond between people
● It enables people to have shared experiences
● People are conscious about how, when and for what their location is being used
● Location tagging is used as a personal tool to remember and discover experiences
● Self isolation in the pandemic has people browsing through their photo gallery frequently trying to re-live past experiences

How might we leverage current user behaviour to extract insightful information from their location to fulfil their life needs?

Our phone already captures our photos, live photos and videos. The location gets tagged with the time when the event takes place. But, how better to truly capture the moment? The sounds, the aromas, the emotions?

venn diagram showing the intersection of location data to enhance capturing a memory

Prototyping & Co-creation

After a quick brainstorming session, a paper prototype was created and the video was shared with 3 people for feedback and co-creation.

paper prototype showing different stages of the app everyday poetry

Key insights-
✅ Easy to use interactions
✅ Adding a new meaning to photographs
🆘 No agency over the haiku generated
⁉️ Did the train really arrive?

Outcome & Future Developments

Everyday poetry app touch points-- experience, record, co-create, store
next steps for everyday poetry app
what's in for the people-- the benefits of using everyday poetry
a summer haiku

Everyday Poetry is dedicated to the people and life in Copenhagen that I missed terribly while designing this app.
(Shoutout to CIID IDP 2019 🙌🏼)

9 April 2019
colour swatches for everyday poetry colour swatches for everyday poetry

Late pleasant fountain,
Before sweet cherry blossom,
Whilst waiting.